The most northerly of Scotland’s great houses.

Everything you need to know about Dunrobin Castle, a masterpiece of history and architecture and only a stone’s throw from our six cottages (which basically makes us neighbours) and to top it all off, our guests receive discounted entry to the Castle, so there really is no excuse not to visit.


‘Dun Robin’ meaning Robin’s Hill or Fort in Gaelic, after Robert, 6th Earl of Sutherland.

Where is Dunrobin Castle?

Home to generations of the Sutherland family, Dunrobin Castle sits prominently on a bluff (yes, we had to google that too!) overlooking the sprawling Sutherland coast. Only a mile north of the town of Golspie – we told you it was close!

The Castle itself looks like it has been extracted from the pages of a traditional fairytale, with its striking turret and French influences and can trace its roots back to 1235. Dunrobin, as it looks today, was the brainchild of Sir Charles Barry, the famous architect responsible for the building of the Houses of Parliament and Downton Abbey – or Highclere to give it its Sunday name!

When Barry was finished with the Castle, it was said to be three times larger than the original structure and was described by Queen Victoria as “a mixture of an old Scotch castle and a French chateau.” We appreciate it is not the done thing to talk about money, but the works apparently cost just under £55,000, which we think even Kevin Macloed would admit was a bit of a steal!

Sadly much of its interior was damaged in a fire in 1915, and the interior as it is seen by visitors today is the work of Scottish architect Sir Robert Lorimer. It remains the largest stately home in the Scottish Highlands with 189 rooms; however many say it is the ornate gardens leading directly down to the Moray Firth that set it apart from Scotland’s many heritage properties.

Dunrobin Castle Museum

Home to a vast collection of hunting trophies, dating back to an era when returning with proof of your adventures was the norm for those who travelled the globe. Although social norms may have changed substantially, the contents remain an impressive reminder of the times that have gone before. In addition to the hunting trophies, you will also find incredible memorabilia from the Sutherland family’s many travels, including our personal favourite, the figurehead of the 3rd Duke of Sutherland’s yacht Catania – which appears almost like a superhero from the wall at the end of the room.

Dunrobin Castle Falconry

As if the gardens, museum and Castle itself were not a good enough reason to visit, the Castle also hosts a falconry display twice a day for those who would like to see some of Scotland’s most majestic birds up close and personal. Check the Castle website for up to date timings.

Close up of Dunrobin Castle Architecture
Dunrobin Castle Architecture | Sutherland
Dunrobin Castle Clocktower

Food and Drink

The Dunrobin Castle Tea Room provides an array of hearty homemade fare to fuel your adventures around the Castle. Sandwiches, soups and a bevvy of sweet treats are on offer – yes, I admit it, sometimes we just visit for the food!

Can you stay at Dunrobin Castle?

Sadly you can’t stay at Dunrobin Castle, but the next best thing is Porter’s Lodge which sits at the end of Dunrobin Castle’s drive. Guests have described it as ‘our own mini Castle’ as it too boasts a turret, albeit a slightly smaller one. From Porter’s Lodge you can walk directly into the grounds of Dunrobin Castle, providing a truly unique level of access to this stunning property and its gardens.

Porter’s Lodge | Dunrobin Cottages
Dunrobin Castle Fountain

When is Dunrobin Castle open?

Dunrobin Castle is normally open from the 1st April to the 31st October, however in 2021 we will have to wait until the 1st May. We would recommend you visit the Castle’s website before you visit, the team will continue to follow any Government guidance relating to Covid-19.

April &October :10:30 to 4:30pm

May, June,July, August & September:10am to 5pm

Falconry displays daily at 11.30 & 14.30 from 1st April until the 30th September.


Dunrobin Castle entry prices can be found on the Castle website, but remember all Dunrobin Cottages’ guests will receive a discount voucher on arrival.